Common medical tests
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Specialized Offerings
Stress Tests
A cardiac stress test is an important tool in determining your cardiovascular health. Should you have one?
This test allows us to evaluate your heart for murmurs, check your heart's pumping action, and evaluate patients who have had heart attacks.
We use this nerve conductivity study to evaluate for the presence of nerve and muscle diseases. These may include: Carpal Tunnel, Diabetic Neuropathy, Lower Back and Neck Pain, ALS and Muscular Dystrophies.

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Imagine a doctor who takes the time to really listen to you and work with you in a partnership to make you well again. That is the standard of service offered by Dr. Georges Jabaly, the founder and medical director of MN Angels Clinic.

Dr. Jabaly Medical Clinic is a medical practice like no other. It is state of the art medicine in a state of the art facility. Dr. Jabaly and staff are "health coaches" helping you to work your way back to wellness.

Dr. Jabaly firmly believes that no patient should ever be left behind and with that in mind he has designed a program where office call fees are reasonable. Medical testing, some of which is done in the office is affordable and prescriptions have lower costs yet.
Offering a complete approach in meeting his patient's needs is very important to Dr. Jabaly: "In my medical practice, I believe in making an accurate diagnosis and offering the best treatment for my patients to improve their health status and slow their disease process. I look into their whole life to address their needs on a physical, social, and spiritual level. In addition, I am looking to promote prevention medicine by, emphasizing life-style modification to maintain good health and increase functionality."

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