Innovative medical care for those without insurance. Improve your health and save thousands of dollars......
Business Solutions
Programs for business owners who can no longer afford the astronomical costs of health care coverage for employees.
Health Savings Accounts, high deductible health insurance, hospitalization-only insurance and catastrophic insurance. Our experts help you put together a plan that works for you.
Affordable office calls, outpatient testing and prescriptions.
Alternative and holistic wellness that stresses lifestyle modification as a form of treatment.
Weight Loss
Dr. Jabaly's weight loss program guarantees a loss of 1(+) pound(s) per week. Visit our site for more information.

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Do YOU have:
1. A POSITIVE attitude, enjoy helping people and you're studying nursing, biology, or other health or science?
2. Or, perhaps you are an experienced Medical Assistant (MA)?
3. And do you have experience working in a Doctor's office, and you enjoyed it?

If "Yes" to any of the above, and you'd like to find out about our part- and full-time opportunities, please send your resume to: Looking forward to hearing from you.



7 October 2010
Medical Care For The Uninsured
Providing even better health care and quality of life to patients, while giving them affordable health care options, is the goal of MN Angels Clinic.

25 October 2010
Dr. Jabaly Weight Loss
Information about weight loss practice here. Information about weight loss practice here. Information about weight loss practice here. Link to weight loss practice here.

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