Pamela S.
...My back pain was always aggravating and, sometimes, intolerable.....
Melody G.
Dr. Jabaly has told me on several visits that I am a “textbook case.” Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know that the numbers on the scale are going in the right direction . . . down...
Linda B.
...The first thing that I noticed about Dr. Jabaly was that from our very first greeting, he treated me with respect and kindness...
Dusty M.
...over the course of the last sixteen years (I’m 26 now), I’ve done every fad diet that I could find and follow....

Dr. Jabaly
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Welcome to Dr. Jabaly - MN Angels Clinic of Adult and Pediatric Care. We are a Toledo, Ohio based family practice that offers a new holistic approach to medicine. Doctor Georges Jabaly is the Founder & Director of MN Angels Clinic. Dr. Jabaly believes that lifestyle modifications, combined with our unique care programs,will provide better health & your cure, while you save significantly on health care costs.
7 October 2010
Medical Care For The Uninsured
Providing even better health care and quality of life to patients, while giving them affordable health care options, is the goal of MN Angels Clinic.

25 October 2010
Dr. Jabaly Weight Loss
Information about weight loss practice here. Information about weight loss practice here. Information about weight loss practice here. Link to weight loss practice here.

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