Laura H.
“I wanted to thank Dr. Jabaly for his time and effort that he has put into me as a patient. My weight loss has improved immaculately and my skin has firmed and tightened up for the first time since I had my daughter two years ago! My overall health is improving and I feel better than ever. Again, I just want to thank Dr. Jabaly for his professional help!”

Mayia O.
“I have already lost ninety pounds! I started May, 2007, and today, I am much lighter and healthier! The weight is still melting off with ease. Dr. Jabaly has truly saved me. His weight loss program is much different than any other diet I have ever been on. You don’t feel pressure whatsoever. Normally, other diets were very demanding and strict. Dr. Jabaly informed me that I can eat anything I want in moderation, and taught me the essentials on how to go about doing just that. I decided to make the change for me, not for anybody else. I wanted to benefit my self. I was trying so hard before, and nothing was working. But Dr. Jabaly said I want to help you lose the weight, so I decided to do it to help my self. This time, it was not hard at all. I would come in and he would keep me updated with my progress and would encourage me to keep going. I have more strength to get up and I feel much more confident and better about myself—both physically
Tracy B.
“It has been a year now, and I have already lost over 35 pounds. I feel much better than before and have a lot of energy. I could never lose the weight before; the weight would just not come off. Dr. Jabaly made it extremely easy. He really made a difference. Before, I would go to doctors and they would just treat the symptoms. Dr. Jabaly fixed the problem. He knows what he’s talking about. In the past, I would hate going to doctors, but through coming here, and realizing that this doctor knows what he’s talking about, I really don’t mind seeing the doctor. He really does know what he’s talking about!”
Betsy S.
“Dr. Jabaly has been my doctor for over five years now. When I first came here, I was an alcoholic and a cocaine addict. I would be dead if it weren’t for Dr. Jabaly. He actually detoxified me at home, and made sure I was calm. He would check up on me every two hours for four days straight! He saved my life. I don’t know where I would be without him. Today, I have a healthy five month old girl. After having her, I thought I would have to find a pediatrician. Dr. Jabaly told me that he is a family doctor. I was so happy to hear that. He is so good with my baby. He’s an amazing person. He treats you as an individual, not just as a patient. He cares about your happiness. He does not only focus on the medical aspect of the patient. I am proud to say that I have been sober for two and a half years, and am back at school. Thank you Dr. Jabaly!”
Brian L.
“I have been going to many doctors and physical therapists, trying to get rid of my chronic pain due to an injury I acquired work. I had to undergo surgery for my stomach and I really damaged my back. I could not stand up because of the chronic pain in my back and knees. I gained so much weight. I was weighing over 400 pounds. I tried everything, but I kept hitting plateaus. I came to Dr. Jabaly. He put me on a weight loss program that I have never encountered before. I feel great today. Most of the pain is gone, and my stomach actually went down, all within two months! I feel tight and toned and better than ever.”
Brenda B.
“I started seeing Dr. Jabaly back in November, 2007. I was very ill and, being a new patient at the time, I could not breathe properly. Everyday tasks, such as walking up the stairs, left me out of breath. Dr. Jabaly immediately ordered blood tests for me. When the results came in, I found out that I was severely anemic. He also took me off of five unnecessary medications that were causing me to gain a lot of weight. Within one month, I was starting to see and feel a difference. Today, I feel great. Dr. Jabaly is my lifesaver. I recommend him to anyone. I even bring my son, daughter and two grandsons to him. He gets down to the cure; he does not mask them with unneeded drugs!”
Terraya R.
“Doctor Jabaly has changed my life. I sleep better and I am more confident. I have gone down two dress sizes, and I am still losing! Thank you, Dr. Jabaly!”
Pamela S.
“I met Dr. Jabaly in January of 2008. My insurance company gave me several choices, which I thought was strange, so I said to the woman, " I don't really care I guess, we are new to Ohio and we don't know anyone to suggest a decent a doctor to us. I just wish there was a way to know if a doctor was a Christian or not.” The woman seemed to be surprised at my request, but she quickly told me, "There is a family physician, Dr. Jabaly, close to you and his clinic is called MN Angels Clinic.” I told her to give me all the information so I could call for an appointment. I prayed that night for this man to be a Christian, or at the very least, for God to make him a compassionate, knowledgeable doctor, who would care for our family and each of our needs. It was very easy to get in to see him. My appointment came fast and maybe it was because the nurse I spoke with. She made my appointment, and was very understanding and knew that I needed to be seen quickly. Finding a top of the line physician was extremely important because I was involved in a car accident a few years ago. My back pain was always aggravating and, sometimes, intolerable. I just associated the pain with my epidural from my c section of my youngest daughter. The car accident sent me into labor. I ended up having an emergency c section, and the epidural didn't help me whatsoever because the injury in my back was blocking the numbing sensation of the medicine from actually taking effect. So, I felt every rip and tear, and every pull, as they pulled my baby from my belly that morning. I associated the pain in my back to everything I had just gone through, but I would never, ever take it back.

My husband, Gary, and I prayed for years and suffered nine miscarriages. So, even though my pregnancies were hard, and all four ended up in emergency c section for one reason or another, I still, to this day, would never change a thing. God gave us our family and we are very thankful. We have four girls of our own and then last year, we adopted four brothers and sisters, and they are almost the same ages as our girls. These four kids were so severely abused, emotionally, physically and sexually, and were neglected throughout all of their young lives. Since taking them in, our family was thrown into total chaos!! We had a lot of court dates and therapy sessions and parenting classes just to be eligible to take in these troubled kids and, throughout all of this, I am still homeschooling my two oldest daughters, while tending to the needs of my two youngest daughters, who aren't of school age yet. My already busy day turned into a circus act. Little by little, all of the stress and extra work load took a toll on me and my back, and for all of these reasons, I ended up in Dr Jabaly's office. I went in, seeking a fix for whatever was wrong, that was causing all this pain. I wanted him to say, ‘oh it’s just a pulled muscle, you will be fine,’ even though I knew from the horrible pain and strange happenings that occurred over the past month, that it wasn't going to be just a simple fix.

At times, I couldn't walk, because the pain was too severe, and at times, I would stand up to walk, and my leg would just go numb. I would not realize it, and I would fall. I had numbness and tingling in my legs, arms and fingers at times. I would lie on a heating pad placed on a chair, where I also slept. This chair was where I stayed, and when I say "stayed,” I mean, I would sleep and sit in it all day long. When I had to do chores, I would actually do the chore, then come back to sit in it once again. Sometimes, I would spend my entire day on the chair, aside from going to the bathroom, which I must say the bathroom trips were horrible. My husband would take me back and forth, or he would push me in an office chair that has wheels. Even the trip there was torture. The bumps and turns hurt so badly. Sitting on the toilet would somehow cut off circulation to my leg, and it would immediately start to ache and then go numb. I would, once again, be helped to my chair. To this day, my lingering problems with back pain still pretty much have me living in my chair with a massager that never stops running. It was my very first appointment with Dr. Jabaly; the nurse weighed me in at 352 pounds. It was shocking of course, but the only thing on my mind was the pain.

I was at the point where I needed to ask someone for help to ‘fix me’ before I would go out of my mind. I am not the type of person who likes to ask for help; it was hard for me to even admit to my family that I needed to sit and rest for a while before I finish mopping the kitchen floor. Honestly, it was scary for the kids and Gary to see me suffering like I was. The pain got me to a point where I couldn’t do just regular chores, or "mom” jobs. They were used to seeing me, the day after a c section, cooking dinner, taking care of a newborn, caring for my incision and having a house full of people wanting to see our new baby. I would pull it off without a tear. And, for a while, I would tell myself, "you can handle this, it'll go away soon.” (I've had this injury since August of 2004). The nurse took me to a room. She took my history, and was very sweet. She knew I was in pain, so she spoke clearly and understood everything I was trying to convey to her. I sat there, so uncomfortable in a regular chair that made me sit straight up, and was almost too tiny for me to fit in. It was putting pressure on the nerve in my back, causing my leg to go numb. My brain kept thinking that my leg was numb, and when I tried to stand up, I felt like I was going to fall, and feared that nobody would be able to lift me. I was just too heavy, I would hurt someone. I asked the nurse “is that man the doctor?” She nodded, and then I got worried.

As I was getting my blood pressure, temperature and weight, I watched and listened to Dr. Jabaly […] ‘Yikes!’ It truly intimidated me. This man is highly educated, very well spoken, and dressed to the hill. I didn’t mean to do this, but I said out loud, "Oh mercy, I hope he is nice.” The nurse giggled and continued to tell me, with a laugh, that he is very nice, and that he would take care of me. After that, the nurse assured me that the doctor would be right in, and that she would be close by if I needed anything. After she left, I was sitting there praying and crying, and still in loads of pain. Dr. Jabaly came in. There he was, standing with a very warm smile. He outstretched his hand. The whole time he was introducing himself, he held my hand and looked right into my eyes. Immediately, I felt myself calming down. He walked over to each one of my kids and my husband, taking time to shake each ones’ hand, all eight of them. He took his time to learn their names, and waited for their little smiles to come out. They all smiled. What more would a mother want? Every mother wants to know that the physician taking care of her children takes the necessary time with each individual child and that all their needs are met and fulfilled. From the first minutes of meeting him, I knew my children were in good hands. It came time for him to focus on me, and even though the kids were being noisy and restless, he covered loads of things with me, and told me very plainly "I can see you are in pain, I know you are struggling, I will take care of you.”

Over the next couple of days, I went for tests and returned back to Dr Jabaly's office. He thoroughly explained the tests to me, so that I understood him. Then he told me that I was not healthy, and they need to get me healthy before I end up with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc. Those were some very scary words to someone that is already stuck in a recliner! And, he said I am still young; I was too young for any of this to happen, being only 34 years old. He said that by looking at me, he could tell that I had metabolic syndrome, or insulin resistance, and the blood work confirmed it. He made it clear to me what it was, and what it was doing to me. He gave me a plan to get better. I started with Dr. Jabaly’s ‘plan’ on February 20, 2008. I weighed 352 pounds. He started me on medications, and focused on my pain so that I could function and carry out regular day to day tasks with my family. I changed the way I ate, the things I ate and the time I ate. I stopped drinking soda and replaced it with water. I cut out every bit of sugar and bread but, everything else in my kitchen was fair game.

Dr. Jabaly told me to cup my hands together, and whatever food that fit in my hand, that’s what I should eat. So, I did what he said. I was asking loads of questions, even my husband was frustrated with me, and finally, Dr. Jabaly said, as blunt as he possibly could ( because that was the only way I was going to hear him ) " Pamela, hush, stop talking, listen to me, I am trying to explain things to you and you are so scared that you aren’t hearing me, I need you to listen, so shut up and do what I say. I will make you comfortable for now, and I, with your help, will check your blood work and your levels and adjust where we need to and fix what we need to until you are a healthy person again.” I am not a person who takes harsh words like that and lets them run off of my back. I was curious because I was scared, which he knew, and that afternoon, I was upset that maybe he thought I was a big baby, and that I wasn’t going to do my part. My husband told me I was being difficult, and that I needed to give him time to figure out how to help me and what would work best for me. The next week flew by, and there I was, back in the office; I had lost eight pounds. Yup, eight pounds! ‘God took the weight off me,’ I thought, ‘through the knowledge of Dr. Jabaly!’ I was excited. I didn't think I would lose because, remember, I would sit in my chair, almost constantly, just to keep me from being in any pain. Dr. Jabaly wanted to see me often, so, of course, I was in there many times over the next six months. Any fluctuation I told him about, and he would address it immediately.

Here I am. It is now September. The last time I went in to see him, he came into the room with a huge smile, just like always, and gives me a high five. He told me “I am excited to get to talk to you today (as he is reading my chart) because I see so many good changes.” He told me my sugar is under control, my blood pressure is awesome, and that we are tending to my pain. I told him I am finally sleeping well at night and wake up rested, which means I am not dragging all day long. Then he told me the best news, that I am 16 pounds away from losing 100 pounds!!!!!! I never thought for a second that I would be saying this!! I have lost just less than 100 pounds since February 20! In half a year, I took off 100 pounds! Wow! It's nothing short of amazing!

I know this has been a long story, but every bit of it is needed, so that everyone reading it can understand, very clearly, that I have done no exercise, none. It is because my back does not permit it; however, the weight loss has helped tremendously, and it has given me the time with my kids that I was so badly missing. Dr. Jabaly really invested a lot of time and effort and love into finding out how to make me healthy, and he did this over a fairly short period of time. All the while, he was caring for my children, my husband and many, many other sick patients of his. I put my trust in him because I prayed for a Christian doctor and God plopped me right down into his office. God knew I needed a strong man to make me listen to him and someone who would focus a lot of attention on me so I could feel secure with his decisions for me and my family. God changed my life through Dr. Jabaly. He used him to make me healthy and add happiness to my life again. My body, now, works properly.

I don't intend to stop now. I want to stay healthy and teach my family good habits, too. I haven't had to buy a big expensive weightloss program, and I haven't had to go out and buy expensive foods or supplements. It all comes down to a tiny bit of thought, moderation and water! Lots of water! I know that probably half of my problem was that I hated water. Now, my body craves it and, honestly, I have noticed a difference just by giving up soda, and replacing it with water. I don't buy extra foods for me when I shop for my family. I cook normal meals just like I always have, but my portions are smaller, and I don't slather my foods with butter, nor do I coat it with sauces. Food tastes great by itself! I really don't understand why we need so many extras, and so much junk food. Of course, all those things taste great, but most are empty calories, and they leave you hungry just a short while after, along with the trouble it gives you. I have found out that I do not need most of those things, especially in the portions I was having. I will be honest, I haven’t deprived myself. On the kids’ birthdays, yes, I had cake. I didn't have five pieces though; the key: MODERATION, everything in moderation. For example, at our church picnic, I ate a grilled burger loaded with fresh, garden vegetables, yum! But, I don't keep eating until I am stuffed, that’s the change.

Over the last few months, my stomach has shrunk. Ear what fits in your hand, remember? It is ok to leave food on your plate. I grew up being told to eat everything on my plate, or I couldn’t leave the table. It was hard at first, because I thought that I was wasting food. Then you learn what you can eat and how much, and you only take that portion, nothing more. Also, eating five or six smaller meals daily keeps you from ever feeling hungry. I am so thankful for every bit of effort that Dr. Jabaly and his wonderful staff has put into me and my family. I pray that God blesses them for their excellent care. God’s word teaches us over and over to do unto others as we would have done unto us, or love your neighbor as yourself, and John 15:13 says: Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends. Dr. Jabaly puts everything aside to focus on healing. He strives to make a difference in the community by touching every class of person, no matter their status, no matter their wealth and no matter how stubborn they are to change. He has a heart of a servant, and what more could we ask to become? A servant of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart I am proof that his plans work and that his compassion exists. I am no longer burdened.

I have faith in the awesome gift that God has blessed me with, which is Dr. Jabaly. A mere ‘thank you’ doesn't seem strong enough. I know I will never be able to repay him for what he has taught me, or what he has brought to my attention. I decided the best thing I could do is pass it along. So, I pray that someone, somewhere, can read this, and take it to heart, and then apply it to their life. God Bless you and your family.
Melody G.
Dr. Jabaly has told me on several visits that I am a “textbook case.” Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know that the numbers on the scale are going in the right direction . . . down. Slowly, but down. My initial visit was prompted by the fact that I was in shock from being a few pounds shy of 200. At 5’3”, this was definitely a big wake-up call. My overall health was seriously in need of re-vamping. High cholesterol, pre-diabetic, menopausal, insomnia, poor diet and stuck in the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting. I’ve tried Atkins, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, Jenny Craig and other programs that promised wondrous results. Yes, some of them worked to get rid of a few pounds, and just as successfully I put the weight back on and added a few pounds more.

Dr. Jabaly’s program concentrates on the whole person. His method is not a band-aid fix, but an authentic method of treating each individual, mind, body and soul, on a case-by-case basis. This is not a cookie-cutter program that covers everyone the same. For me, it was discovered that several things were going on with my health that needed to be addressed. Among finding out I had hypothyroidism; it was obvious that my lack of a good night’s rest was strongly affecting all the other areas of concern. Sleep apnea was diagnosed and is being monitored in conjunction with the medications prescribed for me. I was previously on cholesterol medication as well, but in blood tests it was found that my liver had been negatively affected. A fatty liver was confirmed through an ultrasound. As of today, Dr. Jabaly has been able to turnaround in a few months’ time the results of my living with a failing liver to a healthy, normal one.

We each are special and, with Dr. Jabaly, your progress is monitored very closely to see what needs to be tweaked on a regular basis. It’s a team effort between you and Dr. Jabaly.
It’s now been five months and I have lost 16 pounds. In accounting, it is a fact that numbers don’t lie. The numbers on my total cholesterol, blood pressure and liver enzymes have reached or are close to normal range. My goal is to reach a total weight loss of 60 pounds. More importantly, I want to be as healthy and energetic as I can be so that I can enjoy life to the fullest. I have a wish and desire to be free of all of the medications that I currently need. I believe, with Dr. Jabaly’s guidance, that this will become a reality. Well, I’ll probably need the thyroid medication for the rest of my life, but even that was a discovery he made that others had missed!
Linda B.
Hello, my name is Linda. I would like to take a moment and tell you about my personal experience with Dr. Georges Jabaly.

About 2 years ago, I was looking for a new family Doctor, in the Toledo area. My daughter-in-law said that she was taking my grandchildren to a practitioner that she felt I would like, so I made an appointment. The first thing that I noticed about Dr. Jabaly was that from our very first greeting, he treated me with respect and kindness. At the time I met him, I was weighing 318 lbs, diabetic and little did I know; Dr. Jabaly found it, that my pancreas was not functioning properly. The first thing that Dr. Jabaly did was to put me on a low fat diet that was designed for my blood type, as well as medication to help control my diabetes and weight. My weight at the time was a huge problem in my life. My knees are bad and I have to walk with a cane so having the extra weight was really limiting my ability to move and my quality of life. To this date, 24 months after I first met him, I have lost 104 lbs. and more importantly, I have learned how to eat properly. My energy level, ability to move and breathing have all been increased since he helped me lose the weight. I am alive again. My ultimate goal is to get down to 145 lbs. which was my weight when I got married.

I would like to recommend Dr. Jabaly to anyone that is looking for a Doctor who understands that losing weight is more than just diet and exercise. Dr. Jabaly understands how give his patients the winning edge when it comes to weight loss as well as a game plan for future healthy living.

Thank you Dr. Jabaly for saving my life, I know that with the love of my family and your guidance that I will be able to hit my goal of 145 lbs. Giving my freedom back has been one of the most precious gifts that anyone could have given me, thank you again.
Dusty M.
As any overweight person knows, going to see a doctor is a nightmare. First you weigh in amidst eye rolls and sighs (I once had a nurse slap the slider on a balance beam scale all the way to 400 as I stepped on and say “It will be faster if we start from this end!”). Whether you are there for a head cold, acne or amnesia it all comes back to your weight. There is a preconceived notion in health care providers that if you are overweight you are lazy, stupid and you don’t care about your health or your appearance. This unfair and untrue sentiment spreads out to the world and to society. I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a weight problem. In preschool I was the “fat girl.” Preschool! I think of the pressure I felt so young to lose weight and how by the time I was in fifth grade I was desperate and it is no wonder to me that I grew to despise myself so much. So over the course of the last sixteen years (I’m 26 now), I’ve done every fad diet that I could find and follow. I’ve done grapefruit, cabbage, cottage cheese, meetings, pills, frozen foods, diet bars, protein shakes, smoothies, colonics, starvation, purging, and countless punishing workout routines. Everything I did came with fine print. “Results not typical” was something I was used to ignoring.

When I was eighteen and fed up, I went to a medical doctor for help with my weight. I was given a brochure for gastric bypass and ushered out the door. I sat in the car and cried before driving home. It was the bleakest message I had ever received. With so much life ahead of me, I was told my only choice was permanently life altering surgery with a good chance of social isolation, nerve damage, anemia, hernia, ulcers, and death! I was depressed and my weight only skyrocketed.

I found Dr. Georges Jabaly at the MN Angels Clinic through a colleague at the university. I tossed and turned the night before going. Every new weight loss plan comes with its own element of excitement, hope, and trepidation. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to go see a doctor again after my last attempt. I went anyhow and I was nervous and scared and biting back tears in the office as I waited because I was ashamed of myself for having to be there, and who I was and what I looked like.
The office staff at MN angels was kind and professional. The nurse who took me back and weighed me was pleasant and upbeat. I appreciated their conduct and geniality. I waited for the doctor in the room and went over a script in my head. I thought of how I should begin. I should start with an apology, I thought. Start by saying I knew I was obese and I was sorry and I was ready to change.

I didn’t get a chance to apologize. In fact, I don’t think I said a single word to Dr. Jabaly. He came in and started talking. He looked at me and told me he knew I was hurting. He told me what was going on with my body just by looking at the skin on my neck, my hands and the way I was shaped. He told me exactly what I was going to do and how I would do it. He didn’t ask me to explain myself or expect me to talk. He looked right at me and told me that I would be 220 pounds by Christmas of 2010 (Just one year). At over 300 pounds, I was shocked that he could make me a statement like that without a disclaimer. I hung on his every word.

Dr. Jabaly is a special person. He made me feel like he cared about me from the moment he met me. He treated me like a person—not an overweight person, not a lazy person or a hopeless person—just a person. This time, when I got in the car and cried, it was because I was happy. I knew things were changing. I felt capable and real and worthwhile.
Three months have gone by and am now 45 pounds lighter. I am so close to being 250 pounds. My body feels better; I am stronger, leaner, and more agile. I have better mental focus and I am proud of myself. I actually like myself (I can’t remember the last time I could smile and say I like myself and mean it!). My body has changed in other ways, too. Focusing on the habits that Dr. Jabaly has taught me, my gums and teeth are healthier. My fingernails and hair have luster. I’m sleeping soundly and all the way through the night. More than anything, I feel a surge of self-confidence each morning as I get dressed. Oh, did I mention I’ve already lost five inches off my hips?

I can’t wait to continue my journey with Dr. Jabaly. I am successful because he has given me the tools I never knew existed. I am becoming mentally, physically, and emotionally fit. It is impossible express my appreciation in words—I cannot say how deeply this clinic has shaped my life and my wellbeing.

I would recommend that anyone who has been suffering with weight problems go and visit Dr. Jabaly as soon as possible. Right now, he is helping me save my own life.